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Karen Davis, Enchanting entrepreneur and Magical Soul, is known for her persevering journey as the proprietor of Coon’s Card and Gift Shop for an impressive 22 years. However, the Universe had bigger plans for Karen, leading her to unveil her mystical alter ego – Wonder Witch. A character created to represent Karen’s journey to her higher self, Wonder Witch symbolizes the Divine Feminine , transmuting the dark by stepping into the light and so much more.

Previously nestled under Arthur Coon, Karen has courageously evolved and reimagined the once-beloved, historical establishment into her own creation. The newly christened Moons Gift Shop is a haven for those seeking a touch of the otherworldly, and a sprinkle of enchantment.

Under Wonder Witch’s guidance, Moons Gift Shop has transformed into a Sacred space for the Mystic and Magical! Karen, alongside Sarah Loiacono, Co-Creative  Director & Manager of Operations have curated an assortment of witchy items, metaphysical wonders, and handcrafted treasures that resonate with the essence of Salem’s magick. Visitors are welcomed to explore an array of Salem souvenirs, each infused with a touch of the supernatural that captures the spirit of the bewitching town. Locals and visitors alike are encouraged to step in, and find out their own unique Super Power!

In her new venture, Karen Davis, aka Wonder Witch, welcomes patrons to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. Moons Gift Shop is not just a store; it’s a portal to a world where the ordinary and extraordinary dance in harmony! Every item tells a story, where magick is not just a concept but a tangible energy waiting to be embraced.

Step into Moons Gift Shop and let Wonder Witch guide you through a realm of wonder, where every purchase is a spell and every visit is a chance to unlock the secrets of the Universe! Wonder Witch invites you to come dance under her Magical Moon Disco Ball and leave with your own piece of Personal Power!

What people are saying

quote icon This shop is one of my favorites! When we visit Salem, we stop in at least twice (sometimes in the same day!) It's super clean and so well-organized. Everything is reasonably priced and you can find just about anything you could imagine here! There is something for everyone and the staff is amazing!

- Tami K.

quote icon This place has everything you could ask for as a beginner witch! A lot of great merch and wide variety of items! Definitely coming back!

- Carmela P.

quote icon We spent so much time and money in this store! Essentially, your one-stop shop for all things Salem. Great place to bring home things for loved ones that you don't know what *exactly* to bring them. TONS of shirts/sweatshirts, mugs, magnets, glasses, trinkets. Took us an eternity to get through, but WELL worth it!

- Toni C.

quote icon I visited the first week of October. Had a great experience. Purchased my first Tarot and Oracle decks, their selection was great, lots of variety and they had a sample of each to look at. Purchased the majority of our souvenir and gifts for family at this shop. Would definitely visit again if I ever come back to Salem.

- Andrea K.

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