Full Moon in Libra – April 6th, 2023

April 6, 2023 2:56 pm

Tonight we will be visited by the full pink moon- named such because it signals the start of spring, flowers, and birth.. and what a fitting name for a full moon in the sign of Libra! Libra’s characteristics include balance, beauty, status quo, and image. This is a period in which you will strive for harmony, balance, and even a little bit of luxury. During this cycle, the next two weeks, you will start noticing what fits into your world, and what doesn’t. This can be a period of great harmony, or great splits, depending what you are going through.

You will feel some push pull of me vs we, inner vs outer, dark vs light… libra is the sign of the scales- this air sign desires balance and even justice. There is also a focus on who you are in the grand scheme of things- how you fit into society, your role, your image- does it reflect who you are inside? this has become more apparent in todays world with social media, influencers, vloggers, all of the glitz and glamour of who we appear to be online- does it match your real life?

There are a few things to be aware of with this moon- some shadow qualities of libra include gossip, indecisiveness, excess, and detachment. Due to the air element of this months moon, we may also feel a bit flightier or hazy than usual. This will be a very *on the fly* period- nice contrast from the last moon, in strict virgo. Be careful not to stray too far into the clouds!

It will be important to stay grounded, yet flexible- make sure your actions and words match the person you are, as well as the person you want to be *seen* as. Be careful not to indulge too far into any habits or directions. Here are a few stones you can carry with you in the coming weeks to help with that!

Hematite for grounding and clarity

iolite for connecting to higher self

aquamarine for going with the flow

Carry these in your pockets or place by the bedside for the next couple weeks.. happy full moon!

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