Full Moon in Pisces – August 30th, 2023

August 30, 2023 8:23 pm

On the night of Wednesday, into Thursday, we will be greeted by the biggest, brightest moon of the year… and a blue supermoon at that! This means we were lucky enough to have two full moons this month, making for quite the rollercoaster throughout August. You may have felt a huge range of emotions between fiery Leo, super focused Virgo, and now mysterious Full Moon in Pisces!

When the sun is in Virgo and the moon is in Pisces, this is considered and “order and chaos” polarity. Sort of known vs. unknown, body vs. spirit. This can be an especially difficult time for our emotions and our physical body. You may have some trouble with your thoughts vs. your reality. You may feel hyper critical, sensitive, burnt out, and overwhelmed! Fear not though- because for each challenge, there are just as many rewards.

This is a great time to go with your intuition and follow your gut feelings. We recommend just winging it tonight! Feel a pull to go for a walk at midnight? Or buy a new tarot deck? Or maybe order your next spell kit? Tonight’s a great night to just roll with it… The virgo energies of the season may ask you to make sense of it all.. but the Pisces moon tonight recommends you just stop and feel it out!

Happy Full Moon!

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