July 2019 Eclipses: How Can You Manifest Wealth & Independence?

June 10, 2019 10:52 am

In the month of July we have not one, but two eclipses coming our way. We are kicking off the month with a total solar eclipse on July 2nd, followed a few weeks later by a lunar eclipse on the 16th. Eclipses are extremely powerful in astrology- they come to us to draw our attention to themes & lessons that will serve us over time. They tend to speed up processes, and illuminate important points in our karmic paths; Slamming doors shut & forcing open new ones.

Solar eclipses, such as this upcoming one July 2nd, are magnets for change. They are illuminating as they are powerful- they will shine light onto the areas of your life in which you are lacking. This upcoming eclipse is good news! It’s conjunction with fixed star Alhena, which symbolizes wealth, luxury, comforts, and abundance. This is the ideal time to take a look at your surroundings, your home, your space; to make a mental (or physical!) list of what you are grateful for, what you have earned, what brings you joy. Gratefulness is the first key to abundance; and abundance is the key word with this eclipse.

This is an extremely powerful time for attracting & manifesting wealth, in all of it’s forms. Whether this be wealth spiritually or physically, this is the perfect time to ask the universe for what you really want! We are also fresh into Cancer season, amplifying those famous Cancerian qualities- we will be thinking with our hearts more than our heads this season. We may react to things with emotion rather than logic. We are going to be asked to go to the core of what kind of home we want, what comforts us, what feeds our souls; The better you can understand yourself & your desires, the easier it will be to articulate and ask for them.

You may find yourself having conversations with those close to you about what the next step is- big, deep talks about your future, your goals, your surroundings, where you see yourself. You may start to reflect on your family as well- in a new way. This eclipse illuminates our spiritual family- people who have come into your life for a reason, not through your bloodlines. The people you chose to let in, rather than those who were “assigned” to you through familial ties. Envision your future, and pay close attention to who is in it, and who isn’t. This July, we are asked to take a hard look at people, places, and things that are holding us back from our dream, and our highest self. Sometimes holding on is more painful in the long run than letting go.

A few weeks later, the Lunar eclipse, following on July 16th, is extremely powerful as well due to it’s close proximity to Pluto. Pluto is the planet of identity, emotion, purging, rebirth, and destruction. Not to fear! This is the perfect follow up to the first eclipse. We can see this as us doing the right thing- cutting out that which no longer serves us. It is also nearing the fixed star Pollux, which symbolizes the brave warrior, the hero. We will feel his energy & be asked to tap into it ourselves.

This lunar eclipse poses us a challenge- If we are brave enough to look hard in the face of the things holding us back, and say goodbye to them, we will be rewarded for it. These things could be certain people, places, or things; they could also be our own habits, fears, and thinking patterns. There is an infinite number of things that lower our vibrations daily, and it is a matter of figuring out what exactly those things are. No matter how much soul searching, self reflection, and work you have done on yourself, there is always something right under your nose holding you back- something you have yet to release.

The takeaway from these two eclipses is to gain back your independence, and your power to create a prosperous life. We are asked to reflect upon what sort of life we really want; and then step a little farther back, and analyze what’s holding us back from it. This is the ideal time for working with the law of attraction! The use of ritual can amplify your intentions- we suggest one of our spirit pouches. You may choose to go with your gut when choosing one, as your subconscious already knows which one you need! Whether you are attracted to healing, self love, protection, or any of our other pouches in this high energy time- you can’t choose the wrong one!

We personally always suggest the something’s brewing kits here in store- as well as the larger version- This kit provides all of the base tools & energy for creating your own intention! You are provided with sage and matches to clear the space, candle and crystal to invite magical energy into your space, and parchment for writing your intentions. You may choose to (safely!) burn the parchment after, sending it into the universe, or just as effectively, bury it, hide it, or keep it in a safe spot throughout these astrological events. You may even choose to check back in on it after a while and note the progress you’ve made. Again, this is all about your magic & your intuition! Do what feels right, because deep down you already know the answers!


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