New Moon in Gemini: What Do The Cards Have To Say?

May 31, 2019 11:02 am

We have a new moon coming at us the evening of Monday, June 3rd! This new moon in Gemini is characterized by a need for change & spontaneity. True to it’s air element’s nature, this moon & the time surrounding it will have us feeling lighter, less restricted, and potentially, more indecisive. As this sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, we will also feel the focus shift to our social lives, our words, and our relationships.

One of our favorite ways to use each moon’s energy is to try and clarify a little bit through a tarot reading. This is especially helpful under the Gemini moon, as we may already be feeling a little airy and unable to focus. Tarot spreads, such as the one we have laid out here for you, can help to outline what to focus on throughout this next moon cycle.

CARD 1) DISTRACTION – What will distract you during this time?
CARD 2) CLARIFY – What will become obvious?
CARD 3) FOCUS – Where should you focus your energy?
CARD 4) CHANGE – Where can expect changes to happen?
CARD 5) COMMUNICATE – What do you need to be more vocal about?

We like to do a general reading for everybody- we believe we are very privileged to be working from a magical place like Salem, Massachusetts. With decades of mystic energy, in our town, in our shop, in our cards, in ourselves- we believe the universe will give us the right cards! We invite you to share this reading with as, as well as do your own, more personalized readings from home! Here’s ours:


This card symbolizes competition, conflict, and pride. Winning the battle is not always victorious; Sometimes it’s more noble to take the loss. This indicates we may be feeling some sort of competition, a “me vs. them” situation, in the following days. This makes perfect sense with chatty Mercury- Anytime this planet is in focus, there is a risk of gossip. If we keep this in mind over the following moon cycle, we can monitor how our voice is helping or hurting us, or others. Don’t invest all of your energy into winning the fight this time around.


This card is about skill, practice, mastery, and hard work. This card, in this position, in this reading, can be interpreted as poetic justice, in a way. This is where all of your hard work pays off. The amount of labor, blood, sweat, and tears you put into something is finally becoming clear. This could be in any area of life; your job, your health, your spirituality, your home, anything! Your effort will not go unnoticed- Nor will your lack of it. This card can expose both your attention to detail, and your blind eye. Are you doing the work you want to be recognized for?


This card focuses on love, compassion, and creativity. In this reading, we are asked to focus on these areas of life during this new moon. It is a nice contrast to us being distracted by the V of Swords earlier. Instead of putting your energy into competition and victory, invest in those people, places, and things close to your heart. You may also find it productive to release some of your energy into a creative outlet.


This is an area where you can expect a sort of shake-up. The magician symbolizes our spiritual practice, our craft, and our power. This is an exciting area to experience change in! Maybe you’ve discovered a new practice, a new book, a new deck of cards, a new crystal, or maybe you’ll experience something entirely out of your world of knowing! The more open minded you are, the more you can draw from this experience.


This card reveals where we need to shift our communication in order to do our best healing & growing during this time period. The V of Cups carries themes of loss, moving forward, and deep wounds. Don’t be alarmed! This means this is a safe time & space to finally be open about these hard topics. We are blessed by Mercury here as well- This communication powerhouse may create extremely important conversations between you and your loved ones, about topics that need to be revealed, that will ultimately bring you closer together on a deeper level. Consider this a time of ripping off the protective bandaids, and exposing the wounds to air so that they may heal over. It may be ugly, painful, and vulnerable- but it is the only way to heal. Keep in mind, you do not necessarily need to share things with others if you aren’t ready; This can be as simple as having an open, honest dialogue with yourself about these things.

Overall, this is a very positive reading, for a very light, happy moon. Don’t let the V Of Cups at the end scare you off- This card appears to us because we are ready for it. Opening up on deeper, more vulnerable levels allows us to enjoy life that much more deeply. If we promise to do our best, focusing our energy on all the good we have rather than the bad, we will be blessed for it- Wicked Blessed 😉

Shop all of our tarot and oracle decks in store & online! Stay tuned for future readings, and you can even use your own cards to follow along or do your own spreads! We also invite you to comment on your own feelings & experiences in this highly energized time- we love to hear how other people are sorting through it all with us!


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