All About Aura Quartz

August 18, 2019 9:07 am

We’re all familiar with clear quartz- it is the superstar of the crystal world! It’s both protective, and programmable, meaning you can use it to amplify practically any intention or spell… But what about aura quartz?

Aura quartz crystals are the same as clear quartz, with a little extra zing. You may first notice their striking color, or “aura” as we call it- the aura is created through the process of bonding precious metals from the earth with the surface of the crystal. While this is a synthetic process, done by humans rather than nature, it is no less magic! This is a long-standing synergy & transmutation process, dating back to the oldest times of witchcraft & alchemy. Precious metals such as titanium, platinum, gold, iron, and copper are naturally occurring in the earth, and combining them with a crystal like quartz creates a powerhouse of energy.

There are multiple aura quartz with all different names, colors, and finishes. There are your more self-explanitory aqua & tangerine aura quartz, as well as the more peculiar titanium, angel, sunset, and cotton-candy quartz, to name a few… but what’s the difference, and how do you know which one’s meant for you?



AQUA AURA QUARTZ  – infused with gold – Good for psychic abilities, insight, truth, knowledge, and evolution; Associated with the throat chakra, aiding in self-expression and speaking. Perfect for those trying to find their voice & speak their truth, or those battling with shyness or fear of critique.

TANGERINE AURA QUARTZ – infused with copper, gold, and/or iron – Focuses on compassion, forgiveness, physical healing, and mending relationships; Associated with the sacral chakra which correlates to creativity, energy, and sexuality. Perfect for somebody seeking gentle motivation & compassion for themselves.

ANGEL AURA QUARTZ – infused with silver and/or platinum – For purification, protection, spirituality, meditation, channeling, higher consciousness, spirit guides, and divine contact; associated of course with the angel realm, perfect for lightworkers and healers.

TITANIUM AURA QUARTZ – infused with titanium – Good for deep meditation, personal power, enhancing the aura, divine wisdom, and self reflection; great for those working towards mastery of the self, those struggling with their confidence, and anybody seeking higher, esoteric knowledge.

SUNSET AURA QUARTZ – infused with iron, platinum, and/or gold – for warmth, self esteem, joy, confidence, and happiness; For anybody needing to channel the sun & all of it’s nurturing qualities; Great for those battling Seasonal Affective Disorder as well.

Like all stones & crystals, you can either seek out one specifically for your intentions, or just go with what speaks to you. Often times you will find that if something appeals to you, there is a subconscious reason for it. Your intuition knows what you need, and will direct your attention towards it- it’s all a matter of listening.

You may choose to wear jewelry made of your crystal- having it on your body at all times. This can be in the form of a wrapped pendant (such as our handwrapped crystal Jewelry…made by a real witch right here in Salem) Some people carry a small satchet of crystals with them, in their pockets or purse- many people even keep them in their bras!

You may meditate with them, keep them on your altar, in a special space, on your nightstand… there is no wrong way to utilize a crystal’s energy. Crystal gridding is especially powerful with quartz as an amplifier- combine your crystals to let their vibrations bounce off one another!

You can shop these aura quartz pieces, alongside plenty of other crystals in-store and online! We are lucky enough to have centuries of Salem’s magical, historic energy surrounding all of our crystals, which we believe adds a little extra magic ✨

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