Full Moon April 8 – Healing From Home

March 31, 2020 6:56 pm

For our fourth full moon of this year, we have ANOTHER super-moon in Libra coming at us April 8th. In light of the current pandemic, the confusion, the uncertainty- this month’s moon is no coincidence! This Libra moon will be all about striking a balance between our inner & outer worlds, ourselves and our society, our dark and our light, the known and the unknown; As well as a not-so-gentle reminder to step back and take some time for ourselves. As we all know, de-stressing is not only important right now, but necessary for our health, mentally and physically. We couldn’t have asked for a better moon to help us with that!

We are going to be focusing on balance and self care through this period. Libra is after-all, astrologically, the bearer of the scales of justice. This air sign is all about fairness, fluidity, understanding, and unity. It is crucial that we take this time to bring some balance to our lives! I’m sure you have noticed an overflowing abundance of worry, fear, panic, anxiety, and stress right now. That is the most natural, human reaction to have right now, as we are exposed to so many unnerving headlines, news outlets, media, statistics; Remind yourself it is OK to feel these things, it is OK to be a bit uneasy at this time. This Libra moon however, comes to save the day. It asks us to tip the scales a bit, and even out how much love, gratitude, compassion, and happiness we are feeding ourselves. How can we meet in the middle?
It is also worth noting that since we are currently journeying through Aries season, so you may find that during this time, arguments are heating up, people are bit more outspoken, divisions are clearer, opinions are louder; This comes with not only the stress of current events, but with the changes in the sky as well. This upcoming Libra moon needs us to find a balance not only inside, but outside, as a society. Aries season makes us sometimes more impulsive, passionate, and at times, hot-headed. We can see this as a blessing or a curse. It may cause tensions, in personal relationships and at a large, societal scale too. On the flipside, it will make us very aware of any injustices in ourselves, our lives, our systems, and our world that we have been ignoring, creating a catalyst for positive changes. There is a lot of buzz in the astrology world right now mentioning the Age of Aquarius in 2020; Long story short, when the world enters the Age of Aquarius, it is believed to be the end of an era. It is a symbol of revolution and enlightenment. We cannot predict when this will happen, but we know it will take a lot of hard work, understanding, and changing of how our world is constructed to enter this period. It will be a time of compassion, and people taking care of eachother. We can already see this as people and communities are rushing to eachother’s aid in the midst of all this. This is our sign to keep the positivity rolling, and allow old idealogies to fade away as we discover new ways to live through this chaos, together. We must allow these tensions and imbalances to be illuminated, so they may be healed.
Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love, arts, and comfort. She is the ultimate “treat yourself” planet, and is also heavily involved in our close relationships. If there was ever a planet for self-care, it would be Venus. This is our reminder to take time to disconnect a bit, and pamper ourselves! Spend some time doing something simply because you enjoy it. You could take a day just to eat popcorn and watch movies, light all your candles and take a long bath, eat something a little bit on the indulgent side… This is the time! It will be a very important period especially for those of you who feel “guilty” when they are a little bit on the unproductive side. These events are telling us in every way possible- “STAY HOME!”- which may be the last thing a go-getter wants to hear. The more you push yourself to stay productive, busy, overworked, the more tension you will build. This is your time to learn how to let go, sit back, and do absolutely nothing for a moment. It will ALSO illuminate issues for those who do the opposite; This will be a good time for those with less ambitions, those who feel stuck- to start incorporating some productivity into their free time.

Regardless of which side you may find yourself on, or even if you land somewhere in the middle, we’ve come up with a ritual that can benefit everybody right now! We will be using the love power votive this month- not necessarily with the intention of romantic love, but unconditional love! Love of yourself, your life, your home, your friends, your family, your health, the planet, the universe, all of it! We’ve paired it with some fantasy rose quartz to amplify that love, as well as inviting an abundance of joy and light.
We will also be utilizing our Wicked Blessed Healing Kit this month, in an effort to heal and cleanse not only ourselves, but to send out our love & light to those around the planet, dealing with these same issues, some on a much bigger scale than us. We believe this kit will provide the perfect balance between doing something productive, but also relaxing and soul-enriching. You can do this ritual in whatever safe and comfortable way feels best for you. You may do it in your yard, in your bedroom, at your altar, in a big velvet cloak, in your pajamas… Whatever makes you feel best! Remember, this moon is all about doing whatever feels good. We hand-make all of our Wicked Blessed kits here in the shop, and put our own love and energy into each one, amplifying them with Salem’s magical energy itself.

Inside you will find bloodstone (a great crystal for purification, healing, and health), a guardian angel token, loose sage leaves, our Wicked Blessed matches, a serenity candle, and a parchment scroll. The tags on all of our kits also include instructions and affirmations. Our healing affirmation is as follows:
“I set myself on the path to heal my mind, body, heart, and soul.”

After lying out your crystals, or holding them, lighting your candle, and saging your space, you may choose to read this affirmation a few times, say it outloud, or simply meditate on how it resonates with you. Take this time to think about ways you can heal yourself, take care of yourself through this uncertain time, and also what you can do to help heal others from a distance. Use the parchment scroll to write some goals, or intentions on, here are some examples:

-I will call and check in on my friends and family three times a week
-I will only check the news once a day
-I will offer to do an elderly-family-member’s shopping this month
-I will learn that instrument I’ve been trying to pick up
-I will walk and get fresh air at least once a day

-I will take one night off a week for myself

The possibilities are endless! Remember to only make intentions that you are comfortable with, that are safe, and that are realistic right now. Some moons have asked us to dream big this year; and those big goals are still important! This moon however, asks you to take some baby steps and ponder what kind of healing you can do while social distancing and flattening-the-curve; Things you can do here and now. If you feel you need to take time to focus on yourself, do not feel guilty for it. You are able to give the most to others after you’ve taken care of yourself.
After writing, you may choose to burn your scroll, hide it and come back to it, shred it, bury it, anything! Whatever feels right to you. You may choose to do this alone, or maybe even with other people in your home. This could be a great activity for those of you at home with children, as it will provide not only a magical lesson, but one in gratitude, self-care, and compassion as well.

Feel free to send us any photos of you and/or your families making magic from home! Social distancing is a physical thing- We are so grateful to have the technology to stay in contact with you, safely, through the internet. As it stands, our store front is CLOSED, but we are still shipping orders from our online shop, and providing deliveries to locals who order over the phone! Shoot us a message to set up a time for a phone appointment.
Happy Full Moon!!!

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