Full Moon in Aries – September 29th, 2023

September 27, 2023 7:32 pm

Tonight, we are visited by a full moon in fire-sign Aries. Passions, tempers, and ambitions are running high right now. This is a moon that does not like subtlety- things feel over the top, powerful, and a bit dramatic these last few days, and will seem to peak tonight. Opposite our current sun in Libra, there is a serious test going on with our inner and outer balance. Libra is generally calm, cool, collected; The keyword here is balance. Aries is a little less concerned with balance- this sister sign could flip over Libras entire scale if it wanted.

A full moon in Aries is a great time to look at your passions- and a terrible time to start an argument! We are feeling everything with practically zero filter right now- what you see is what you get! It is a blessing and a curse- you won’t have to guess peoples feelings, intentions, or opinion- they will make it very clear. The clarity of this moon is so great, that it can be overwhelming. Life is a lot easier when it’s sugarcoated… but consider this one of your greatest tests for the year in being non-reactive. It’s OK to react, to be human, to make your point- but the space in between experiencing something and then reacting to it- that is where the magic happens!

As we get crazier and crazier here in Salem, we thought it would be wise to pull a card for the moon, asking if she has any advice for us in the month ahead! You may like to tap into this energy, afterall, there’s probably a reason you’re reading this right now.

King of Cups

The master of emotion You are going to feel everything deeply this next month, and things are going to be swimming to the surface that have been buried for a while. It is up to you to look at these things and process them in this next stage of your journey. Sometimes things are buried because they hurt, they make us feel shame, they scare us, or a multitude of other reasons… but the King of Cups guides us in tackling these difficult emotions right now

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Happy Full Moon

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