Full Moon in Leo – February 5th, 2023

February 4, 2023 4:59 pm

Pride, power, and primal instinct- all things that mark the sign of Leo. Fittingly referred to as the “Snow Moon”, it just so happens to be following the two coldest days we’ve had yet this winter in Salem. Full moons amplify everything- and Leo just happens to be the loudest and proudest sign of all. The moon is expected to look full for about three days with it’s intense illumination this month- and I really can’t think of anything more Leo than having the biggest, brightest moon of the year. When the moon is full in this transit, we can experience self reflection, a charisma boost, focus on our desires and “hungers”, as well as a little bit of drama. This may be an especially intense time for all fixed signs, which includes Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Lucky for us, Venus and Mars also square off the day before… because of course the planets want to keep us on our feet before Valentine’s Day. This opposition, basically love and war, in combination with the moon’s placement, is going to bring us some potential arguments, ego checks, passion, and excitement. These next couple days kind of scream “keep your cool”, especially in romantic relationships.

This is also a great time to look at yourself- reflect on who you are, and how you appear to others. What is your role in the world? In society? At work? At home? In your relationships? You may feel the pull to be more apologetically yourself. This is a time for really showing the world who you are- and people, places, or things that fall away may not be part of your grand story. The things you attract when you are genuine, are the things that are meant to be there- and losing something always means gaining another thing.

Creativity, self expression, and inner fire are the themes here. How can you harness all of the good things this moon has to offer you? We highly recommend a spell- regardless of your experience, it takes courage and confidence to work your magic- and this is a great time to step into your power and ask for the things you really desire. We handcraft our “Make Your Magic Happen” kit here in the shop, if you need help getting started. It includes items for cleansing yourself and your space, as well as setting your intentions, and a dragons blood candle to top it off and really power everything up. Dragon’s Blood is a great ingredient (no real blood.. just tree bark essence!) in witchcraft, used to speed things up and strengthen them. Basically like an espresso shot in your coffee- but your “coffee” this time is your manifesting abilities. Lastly, it includes a little carnelian stone, which is great to keep on you during those days when you need a little more *zing*- some people carry it as an attraction stone, believing it will draw people and opportunity towards them.

Overall, a great time to be bold and bright.. but be sure to keep your pride in check! Happy full moon!

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