Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 4th, 2023

May 27, 2023 4:56 pm

Sagittarius can be considered a “hunter”- always on the quest for something, someone, somewhere… this fire sign loves travel, philosophy, and exploration. When the moon is full in this sign, these themes are amplified for everyone. This moon asks us to explore a little more- to go somewhere mysterious and new. This could be in the physical world, or a place more spiritual or mental. People explore new worlds in their car, boats, trains- but also in ideas, books, movies, music… what scenes are calling to you right now? This is a time to pull back your arrow and head towards wherever it lands.

You may feel some tension- this sign loves freedom and exploration, as does our current season Gemini. There will be strong pulls towards fun, new adventures, fire and air- a dazzling yet ungrounded combination. You will need to keep this excitement in check with your everyday life, and be sure these new ideas don’t pull you (too) far off of your divine path. Spontaneity is a blessing- but try and keep one foot out of the water before you totally dive in. We may feel a little fuzzy, chaotic, boisterous- and it could get us into trouble. Just be sure to check in every once in a while on this uncharted territory- always know your way back home!

We recommend taking this time to look at an impulse that has spring for you recently- a day trip? A vacation? A new book? A new genre of movies? A new style? If you are in tune with these zodiac cycles, you may already know what’s on the horizon for you. This is a great time to dive headfirst into this new found interest- just try and take it with a grain of salt as you procede. You may learn something new- but keep in mind sometimes, these lessons in appear in ways we don’t expect!

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No better time to start something new than the full moon in sagittarius! Happy full moon <3

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