Full Moon in Scorpio – May 5th, 2023

April 27, 2023 3:59 pm

Full moon in Scorpio… can you say “intense”? This sign rules the 8th house in astrology, which is all about shadow, taboo, death, and mystery. A water sign ruled historically by Pluto- this sign is dark, but in the most magical of ways. On this full moon, you can expect some heavy endings, transformations, and feelings. This scorpion knows how to use its’ stinger.. but some of our greatest lessons about ourselves are found in dark places.

The sun is in Taurus currently, and as we know, the full moon rises in it’s opposite sign- meaning a full moon in Scorpio. Taurus and Scorpio are referred to as the life & death polarity- a little spooky, but you can think of it as light and dark, outside and inside, left and right, death and rebirth… basically, this will be a period where something ends, and something else takes it’s place. Those more in-tune with their patterns and cycles may already know what’s shifting in their lives- It will likely relate to attachments, family, relationships, addictions, codependencies, finances, or intimacy. Scorpio loves the taboo- the things that are hard to talk about or control- while Taurus loves comfort and stability.

As chaotic as this all can sound, this is a magical opportunity for you. What are those hard things that are begging to be looked at, felt, talked about right now? Those things you conceal are going to be illuminated during this full moon. If you have incorporated shadow work into your journey, you may already be comfortable with some of these topics. Others who may still struggle with talking about their feelings, reflection, or bottling things up may have a more difficult time in the coming weeks. These astrological events can sometimes be hard on people- but they come to us for a reason.

We recommend trying out our shadow work kit during this time- the weeks surrounding this full moon will provide opportune energies for connecting and integrating all parts inside yourself.

Our handcrafted kit includes sage for cleansing and purifying, a black candle for honoring the shadow-self, and a hand-picked crystal to carry with you after your ritual. Instructions on the back of the tag! This is a great opportunity for getting in touch with your “dark” side- which you may come to find, isn’t really that dark and scary at all!

When you complete your spell, you can do a few different things with the remnants. Some people may burn the entire candle that night, or light it daily until it’s gone. Some people keep their parchment scroll in a safe place, an altar, a night stand- some people burn it, bury it, shred it.. there are no wrong ways to send out your intention. Do whatever feels natural! You are the magic! Happy full moon <3

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