Full Moon March 9 – Taking Your Life Back

February 25, 2020 4:14 pm

For our third full moon of the year, we’ve got an extremely powerful full Virgo moon coming at us March 9th. This is also the first supermoon in a series of three this year- meaning it’s bigger, brighter, and stronger than the average one. Historically, this moon is referred to as the Full Worm Moon, as this is the time of year when worms are able to emerge from the earth again, beckoning birds to feed and the upcoming Spring season. On top of all of this, Mercury has been in retrograde for the past few weeks, and we can now look forward to the planet returning direct the next day, March 10th. In the midst of eclipse season, it’s clear this has been an especially tricky time, and no coincidence that Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet, just as this Virgo moon comes to settle us back down. We can look forward to an ENORMOUS moment of clarity, especially through all of the miscommunication and errors of this retrograde.

This full moon, taking place during Pisces season, gives us a sort of dream vs. reality polarity to ponder upon. During Pisces season you may notice you are more in touch with your intution, dreams, spirituality, feelings; Earth sign Virgo coming in through the form of a full moon that night will inevitably anchor you right down back to earth, providing the perfect headspace to turn daydreams into realities. Earth signs are the master manifestors- earth is tangible, real, solid; It is associated with resources, grounding, stability, home, career, abundance. Earth signs are associated with practicality- focusing their energy in the here, the now, in real life.

You are asked to dive deeper than we did in that Leo full moon last month- Leo gave us the bravery to dream, and Virgo this month gives us the ability and master plan to reach those dreams. It is also time to focus on your health and wellbeing- the sixth house, ruled by virgo, is associated with health, both mental and physical. The super moon magnifies this, asking you to take this time to care for yourself, and fight for yourself! Any ways in which your are denying yourself, damaging yourself in any form, will become very apparent to you. This may be alarming, painful, and anxiety inducing- but it is a blessing to be made aware of the things that are holding you back. Shadow aspects of this transit include low self-esteem, heavy critique, passing judgement too quickly and harshly.. It’s important to be gentle with yourself and others in this time, and be thankful you see yourself truly and fully- the dark and the light. This way you can understand yourself, what helps you, what hinders you.. imagine a life where you had never realized any of your shadow aspects- how would you ever learn or grow?

If this moon were a tarot card, it could be compared to The Hanged Man. Many people greet this card with fear, while it’s actually a great image! The man in this illustration is flipped upside-down by his ankle- but he is completely content. In fact, his face is illuminated, being the brightest spot of the photo, symbolizing awakening and understanding. He is finally able to see things from a different angle- it’s similar to the tower, but it shows contentment rather than chaos. Astrologically, Virgo has also been associated with the Hermit- taking time for quiet, thoughtful reflection. However, in conjunction with Mercury Retrograde, this seems like a very fitting card to turn to for this month’s moon! We get a very clear lesson in contentment and going with the flow when we see this card.

For this month’s ritual, we want to to focus on stability, self esteem, and organization- This is the perfect note to end our retrograde on, and focus on how to move forward! If you were to ask any zodiac sign how to plan for the next move.. Virgo would be the one to ask!

We are going to focus on setting a few clear, attainable goals. If you joined us for last month’s moon, you may already have a few of your wildest dreams plotted out- this month we are creating small tasks and laying down the foundation for those big dreams! Here’s what we’ve spread out in our altar space and why:

A SIGNIFIER TAROT CARD- We chose the Hanged Man, for reasons explained above. When trying to draw some more energy towards yourself and really harness the moon’s magic, it helps to have something in the altar space that will represent YOU! You may have a favorite tarot card, one that resonates with you, one that intrigues you… You don’t need to know the meanings of all the cards, as our intuition often knows best. Just pick one that appeals to you! If you are still learning, it’s also a great method of learning card meanings. Simply choose what speaks to you- research it afterwards and see how you relate to it, why did it speak to you? This will be the powerhouse of the ritual- we are channeling the energy into this card which represents us! We’ve used the Radiant Wise Spirit tarot as we love the classic imagery with updated, vibrant coloring.

SAGE- As always, we like to use sage in our rituals! You can use white sage, blue sage, or a combination, with another blessed herb included in the binding… We recommend mugwort as it aids in deeper understanding & thinking. If you are unable to burn herbs, spray sage works just the same! Intention is the most important aspect to any practice.

STABILITY POWER VOTIVE- This power votive candle is a great little candle to burn during your ritual, as there are so many options and intentions to choose from. We chose stability for this moon, as we could really use some anchoring and peace after this retrograde! We are trying to set good intentions, and keep a steady momentum through this moon cycle. Cedar, patchouli, and pine are blended into this specific votive making for a positive, peaceful atmosphere. I like to burn mine before I start the ritual, and let it burn out entirely during and after. They burn for about 2-3 hours so you may choose to extinguish it and light it for a few moments each day, burn it all at once, or come back to it when you need a reminder. Do what feels best to you.

CRYSTALS- We are using rutilated quartz for illumination and strength, hematite for grounding, and a big chunk of quartz for amplification! Rutilated quartz is the star of the show this month- Perfect for gaining insight and clarity on the self. With all the fuzziness and mind-clouding happening lately, it’s a great time to slow down, connect to the source, and really think of what you want to accomplish right now. Any other crystals that speak to you in this time may also be layed out! When something really speaks to you, or catches your eye, there’s usually a reason behind it.

MERCURY RETROGRADE CANDLE- You can never have too many candles! We’re loving this limited edition Mercury Retrograde neutralizer candle. It’s a great way to end this retrograde- peacefully sending off this transit, and thanking the universe for the ultimate GOOD that happened. Through all of the stress, chaos, and fogginess, there were most likely lessons learned, chapters ended, moves made, and reflections, ultimately for the better, even if it doesn’t always seem like it! You can purchase this candle and light it daily throughout the retrograde, save it for really rough days, or even burn it at the end, waving goodbye to everybody’s favorite dreaded retrograde. It’s perfect for aligning yourself back to how you were doing before-hand.

PEN AND PAPER- We always utilize parchment paper when setting our intentions. This month, we are going to write three goals or tasks we want to accomplish before the next full moon. While we asked you to dream big last month with brave Leo, we are asking you to be practical with earthy Virgo this time. What are some basic tasks you need to complete before you can make the big moves? Here are some examples;

-I will get business cards made for my emerging business

-I will put X amount of money into my savings
-I will finally clean out the storage closet

-I will make an effort to call someone I’ve wanted to catch up with

The more specific you can be, the more clearly you can accomplish the task. You may have many bigger, more abstract dreams, and those are important! This month however, we are focusing on the baby steps you can take to work your way up to those more smoothly. What can you do this next month to get closer to your biggest goals?

After setting up your space to your liking, take this time to reflect, write, plan, think… You may do your rituals alone or with others, but for this particular moon, it’s a good one to go solo. This is all about building up the self, taking your life back, making moves, and getting things done. Light your candles, hold your crystals, play with your cards… You might journal a bit before you really sit down to write your intentions- this will help to break things down into smaller more attainable steps. The great thing about small goals, is they create a domino effect. Once you complete one, you feel amazing! It motivates you to complete more, and create new ones.

Take time to focus on the affirmation that comes with the stability candle as well-

“From the Earth beneath me, I find the stability and strength I need.”

Focus on grounding yourself during your time alone- it may have been a very flighty, airy couple of weeks, and it’s time to really come back down and be here now, in the tangible, real world. The hematite we mentioned is great for this- you may choose to hold a piece with you whenever you need to come back down.

After a while of meditating on your thoughts and feelings, after you’ve written your intentions for this next moon cycle, you may choose to keep the paper as a reminder of what you want to accomplish. If you’ve got a good memory and know exactly what your tasks are for this cycle, you may also choose to burn the paper, shred it, bury it, hide it… whatever feels right for setting your intentions. While some intentions and goals may remain hidden as they are personal, some are great to share with those you trust afterwards! You may find speaking your intentions into the world add a lot of power to them- you may also motivate others in your quest as they could be inspired by your ambition. This creates a very beautiful, magical chain, and enhances your community and environment by surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. Feel free to share any of yours in our comments section- maybe you will find someone with similar ideas, and can create a support network!

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Happy Full moon!

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