Ibis Jasper: For the Overthinking, Overwhelmed, and Overworked

July 22, 2019 10:43 am

What is ibis jasper? Jasper in general is typically associated with nurturing, in various forms, depending on which type of jasper you are working with. For example, red jasper is good for motivating & inspiring passion; bumblebee jasper is good for confidence & self worth; zebra jasper is a stone of endurance and stability- but what about ibis jasper?

Ibis jasper is named after the Ibis bird, due to it’s similarities to the bird’s colors. This bird, historically has been associated with Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom & spiritual sciences. We can trace some of this stone’s metaphysical properties back to this association- ibis jasper can assist with meditation, akashic record work, ritual, higher self allignment, and all things spiritual.

Geologically, this stone is very interesting in the way it is formed. This type of jasper is originally one solid stone, eventually broken up into different pieces by earth’s movements, water flow, or other natural occurrences- it is then glued back together over time by heat, pressure, and minerals, recreating a solid stone. Naturally, this process makes ibis jasper great for healing. It is living, natural proof that we can overcome anything and become whole again. It teaches us how to hold it together through the chaos.

Lastly, another interesting property of ibis jasper is creativity & word play- when looking at a piece of ibis jasper, the lines & seemingly random sediment shapes can create images and symbols. It inspires thinking outside of the box, new ways of seeing things, and imagination. Looking into a stone for images, messages, or ideas can spark our creativity, and allow us to embrace the strange. For example, do you see anything in this piece?

This stone may be extra helpful to those in a creative rut- those lacking inspiration, motivation, or those who are taking life a little too seriously.

Overall, Ibis jasper is an incredible stone with numerous of benefits- healing, spirituality, and creativity. Whether you are overworked, stressed, wanting to dig deeper into life, going through a chaotic period, unmotivated, or lacking inspiration; this stone is perfect for you, or a friend! Crystals, especially jasper, provide such a base level nurturing & healing vibration, that they are great for groups, and anybody from a newbie to an avid crystal collector can benefit from it.

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