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May 18th, 2019 – Your Full Moon Forecast

May 18, 2019 3:24 pm

May’s full moon will be appearing in the sky this Saturday night, into Sunday morning. There are a lot of components to this moon, astrologically. The “Full Blue Flower Moon in Scorpio” is an exciting name, for an exciting event:

-Full moon: This is when the moon is at it’s most powerful; Full moons teach us the power of manifestation and the law of attraction. This is a very strong, high energy time; You will often notice differences in your daily routine & even the people around you around the time of a full moon. The sky has very real, physical effects on our entire planet! The more you learn about each different moon, and each one’s quirks & properties, the more you can tune into it’s energy, observe it around you, and work with it’s effects.

-Blue Moon: is when there is more than one full moon in a month, or more than three full moons in a season; Tonight’s moon is the fourth full moon we’ve had in Spring, making it a rare event. Events like this catch our attention; this is the universe asking you to really notice what it’s doing!

-Flower Moon: Every month’s moon has a different name. May is the Flower Moon. This is where “April showers bring May flowers” applies; Not only are all of the flowers blooming here around us, this is also a highly energized & fertile time for intention setting. We can associate this moon with keywords like birth, growth, and prosperity.

-Scorpio Moon: A full moon will amplify the qualities of whichever astrological sign it lands in. Scorpio is big on emotional intensity- feel everything fully, or don’t feel at all. It is the sign of ego, control, feelings, taboo, shadow work, intimacy, and darkness. This is not something to be feared! Without dark, we wouldn’t have light. It’s all about how we use this energy.

Another peculiar thing about May’s full moon is the polarity between Scorpio & Taurus occurring; We are currently in Taurus season, along with Mercury & Venus in Taurus as well. These two signs are sister signs meaning they are opposites on the astrological wheel, creating a kind of yin/yang effect. Taurus & Scorpio create the “life & death” polarity, as Scorpio is focused on the shadow, emotional intensity, & spontaneity, vs. the Taurus focus on practicality, calmness, physical comfort & stability.

tarot card of death

This will result in a lot of conflicting moods & situations; If this moon were a tarot card, it would be the Death card; One of the most feared cards in tarot, it’s actually one of the most rewarding, fulfilling cards you can pull! This time is all about destruction & creation; death & rebirth, dark & light, push & pull, vulnerability & comfort.

Take time tonight to really analyze yourself & your environment. What needs to be done? Are you balancing the physical & the emotional? What no longer serves you? What needs to be destroyed in order for you to continue to create? Tonight’s moon is especially good for setting intentions related to blockages, control, and letting go.

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