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Palm Stones 101

May 13, 2019 1:07 pm

Palm stones, also referred to as worry stones or touchstones, are one of the simplest ways you can tap into & sync up with the properties of your stone. They are designed to be lightweight and portable enough to carry with you, providing a constant stream of energy throughout your day. They are rounded & smoothed to comfortably fit the contour of your palm, resulting in an organic connection between you and your crystal.

The first step in working with palm stones is finding the right one for you! You may have one specific crystal you gravitate towards for a while, or you may have a collection, using different ones for different moods & intentions. There is no wrong way to go about it! It’s all about going with what speaks to you, what feels right, and listening to your gut instinct.

You may simply be attracted to a crystal because of the way it looks. You may know nothing about its properties, meaning, or vibrational qualities- this is your subconscious telling you that it contains an energy you need in your life. You don’t need to be able to explain why something appeals to you, because sometimes these things happen on a level we cannot explain with words. Sometimes looking at a large array of crystals & stones and just going with what jumps out to you is all you need to do.

Other times, we know what themes, ideas, and energies we are seeking; These are our “intentions”. Working with specific stones will amplify these intentions, for example:

If you are seeking more creativity & outside-the-box-thinking, you may go with Picasso Marble. If you are seeking love, friendliness, or compassion, in any of it’s forms, you might work with Mangano Calcite or Pink Opal, both good for activating the heart chakra and amplifying that warm energy. If you are looking to amplify psychic abilities, intuition, meditation, & spiritual insight- we recommend Titanium Quartz and Amethyst.

The universe works with your intuition, your higher self, your everyday life- It drops hints, creates funny “coincidences”- It is no coincidence you’ve found this blog, even! If you are looking to work with crystals but don’t know where to start, or experienced & looking to expand your collection, we’re happy to help. You can shop all of our crystals here as well as accessories such as crystal grids, pendulums, and more.

We believe there is an added touch of magic in the crystals we carry as they come right from the witch city itself; Salem, Massachusetts. Not only do you have the crystal’s energy, you’ve got centuries of Salem’s magical energy as well! We are *wicked blessed* to be living & working in such an important city. We are also very in touch with our own magical practices here in the shop, and when we send you a crystal, we tap into your energy & hand-select the one we feel the strongest pull to when putting your order together. Every stone is handled with care, consideration, and love. We believe when you receive your crystal, it is the one you were meant to receive! You can also come into our shop, any day of the week, and pick out your very own.

We are always happy to help, whether you want to ask questions in the shop, or message us! We want to be considered a resource for our customers, on a level deeper than a transaction! Come to us with any of your questions, comments, or concerns about any of our metaphysical items.

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