Powerful Full Moon January 10 – Creating Your Sacred Space

January 7, 2020 11:21 am

Welcome to our first full moon of the year! We have a lucky thirteen moons ahead of us in 2020- and our goal is to help you use all of them in your magical practices, unlocking your full potential. Coming up this Thursday night, into the earliest hours of January 10th, we have the “full wolf moon in cancer”; This has it’s own associations and themes, but should be considered an extra powerful starting point, as it our first full moon of 2020… the first of the decade! As if that weren’t enough… it just so happens to be an eclipse as well.

What does this all mean? Let’s break down each element;
The full wolf moon is the historical name for January’s moon- it refers to the first moon of the year, when the wolves howling was the only thing to be heard in the quiet of winter. It is a time of reset, relaxation, and stabilizing the home. January is historically named after the two-faced God Janus- Who rules over new beginnings, opportunity, and learning from past while looking towards the future. The moon rising in the sign of Cancer fits this theme, as domestics, nurturing, home, environment, emotions, and family are all ruled by Cancer. Lastly, when all of this is occurring alongside an eclipse, meaning it is a very important purging period.

Overall, this is the perfect moon to kick off 2020! We are being asked to shed pieces of our home and environment which no longer serve us. We are asked to consider our homes the backbone of a good foundation. We are asked to take the time now, to cleanse, bless, and protect our very own sacred spaces, making a happy home not only for ourselves, but our family, loved ones, and our magic! You can kick this off with a little ritual.

We have a few suggestions to start you off… first, sage! Sage! Sage!!! Saging your space, yourself, your items; It’s always a good idea to clear the air before any ritual, but consider this a cleansing of the past year as well. As you cleanse the space, think back on what 2019 taught you. Consider the lessons, trials, challenges, misfortunes, successes… All of it is so important to the moment you are currently in. Acknowledge, process, and release the events of 2019. Releasing the old makes space for the new! Regardless of how your year went, consider this a fresh start. A year of opportunities and learning experiences. Be proud of all the goals you reached, and set up the solid foundation you need to set and reach new ones! You can use white sage, blue sage, or a combination, with another blessed herb included in the binding… We recommend pinion as it aids in inviting sweet, gentle energies. If you are unable to burn herbs, spray sage works just the same! Intention is the most important aspect to any practice. As we mentioned in our 2020 Moon Overview, this moon is associated with moonstone and our happy home votive candle, so we will be including those in our ritual! We’ve laid out moonstone, hematite, selenite, and clear quartz– all with properties of cleansing, amplifying, protection, nurturing, and grounding. We also keep our burning sage in an abalone shell- it’s good to have an element of the ocean included, as Cancer is a water sign! It also provides a safe, all natural dish in which to burn sage and other herbs in. After lighting your happy home candle, you may choose to read the mantra that comes with the candle out loud, or to yourself, even in your head.. there’s no wrong way to do it!

“I fill my home with the blessings and love of the universe. I release all tension

that may reside there.” You can do this as many times as you want, until it feels right. You may choose to keep the paper in a spot where you can see it daily, you may stash it away somewhere… Whatever you choose is right. Afterwards, take some time to reflect on what you desire out of this year, or on a simpler level, what kind of energy you desire in your surroundings. In the flurry of everyday life, it can be hard to really answer these questions. We find it helpful to dab some clear mind mystic oil blend- infused with lemon verbana, an essential oil known to enhance concentration. After sitting with your thoughts for a bit, write your intentions on a piece of paper. You may choose to do this with company or alone, you may share them or keep them secret- again, do what feels right! Afterwards, some people keep their scroll in a safe spot to reflect on later- some people burn them, bury them, hide them, shred them, listen to your intuition. Whatever you need to do to release these intentions into the universe! Here are some examples of intentions or affirmations: -I am comfortable and safe in my home -I fill my home with loving friends & family -I have everything I need -I will be more organized & tidy -I can relax in this space

You can be as vague or specific as you need. If you feel comfortable sharing your intentions, feel free to comment or post a photo of your full moon ritual! We want to create a community in which people feel safe to express themselves and receive support from like-minded people. Follow along with our blog as we travel though this year with you. Enjoy this moon, it’s an important one!

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