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May 11, 2019 12:56 pm

As one of Salem’s oldest retailers, Moons has a long standing reputation with both locals and visitors – starting out in 1953 as a jewelry shop owned by Arthur Coon, then growing over time into one of the most memorable, eclectic gift shops in Salem. Our store owner Karen infuses her retail experience, business intellect, and creative & spiritual energy to create the powerhouse that is Moons Gift Shop!

With a remodel in 2018, as well as a growing team of members, the store has been through some powerful changes as of late. Included in these changes is the growth of our social media & networking presence. We are lucky enough to call Salem, Massachusetts home, in all of its magic. We realize how privileged we are to be in such an important, mystical town- and we are excited to share it’s energy with locals & visitors alike.

Our mission as a team is to share this magic with you and make your trip to Salem something to remember. We want to provide you with apparel, gifts, souvenirs, metaphysical items, and more to bring back home with you – but after expanding our online presence, we realize our ability to be an informational resource as well. We are excited to dive into topics including Salem’s history, our “Wicked Blessed” philosophy, spell bottles, spirit kits, crystals, tarot & oracle, astrology forecasts, store events, and more!

We hope you’ll follow along with our posts, share, react, and join in on conversation around these topics as time goes on. This platform opens an important portal between business and customer – reminding us we can be human together. Thank you for your support so far, and stay tuned for regular updates!

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