What’s So Special About Clear Quartz?

April 11, 2022 3:42 pm

Quartz is typically one of the first crystals you encounter when delving into witchcraft- the mere word “crystal” usually conjures up an image of a raw chunk of clear quartz in our minds. While quartz itself comes in many well-known varieties such as rose, tangerine, cherry, smokey, rutilated, phantom, aura, etc., there’s something special about our good ol’ friend clear quartz. What makes this little stone a must-have in your metaphysical arsenal?

It’s easily accessible and affordable- almost any store that carries crystals will have some form of quartz, due to it’s abundance and popularity. It naturally occurs in all temperatures, practically anywhere, and is one of the most common elements found in the earth’s crust. You may even come across some when you’re out walking in nature, usually in lakes or growing in other rock formations. Quartz may be mined naturally, but can also be grown from a piece of natural crystal in a lab, meaning even quartz created by man has a natural element to it. You may also hear about electronic-grade quartz, used in virtually all of our electronics as a conductor for energy.

It is a great stone for beginners, aiding in energy flow, amplification, purification, and dissolving energetic blockages. It adds a little boost of magic to whatever you’re doing- and can be programmed towards whatever your intentions are. This is especially helpful for those new to casting spells – Does your spell call for a crystal you just CAN NOT seem to get a hold of? Use clear quartz in it’s place! It’s a great lesson in learning that the magic starts with YOU! It also aids in cleansing, stabilizing, and intuition. You can also use quartz to amplify the energies of other crystals you may be using… think of it as an extra spoon of sugar in your coffee.

A few of our favorite ways to use clear quarts:
-place pieces in the corners of a room you want to protect

-hold in your hands while smudging a room

-keep a piece with your tarot cards for more accurate readings

-place in a dish or shell with other crystals who’s energies you want to amplify
-create crystal grids and use quartz points to direct energy flow

-scrying- or reading a crystal quartz ball

Overall, it’s always good to have a couple pieces on hand… not to mention, they’re beautiful! What have you got to lose??

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