Your 12/12 12:12 Full Moon Survival Guide

December 9, 2019 11:36 am

This Thursday we will be greeted by a full moon on 12/12, reaching it’s highest point in the sky at 12:12am. The “Full Cold Moon” is our last full moon of the year, and it’s going out with a bang; Astrologically, this moon is heavy on themes of culmination, completion, and transcendence. It is our last big event before we dive into eclipse season, starting 12/26. Eclipses are notorious for shaking things up- usually giving us a big, not-so-gentle nudge, forcing us to release things that are no longer serving us. While these are all necessary, wonderful, transformative moments, they can be uncomfortable to the ego- which is why this moon will be so important in establishing your foundation.

First things first- who can ignore all those twelves? 12 is considered an ending, and an accelerated spiritual transcendence in both astrology and numerology. It is a harbinger of great change and transformation, rebirth, the next chapter, etc. while it’s blatantly obvious repetition in numbers, 12/12 12:12 is an indicator of great synchronization. Synchronicity is always a wink from the universe, hinting that you are in the right place at the right time. It is the perfect opportunity to really get in touch with your highest, best self- Your dreams, goals, ideal way of living & existing. Synchronicity is an indicator that you are living on a higher plane of consciousness, understanding patterns and “coincidences” as vehicles for greater messages from somewhere bigger. On a larger scale, it is a hint towards the collective consciousness. An awakening not only for you, but for all of us, our country, our planet, our universe. A time for our society to shed something, and make room for something new.

An important activity to do during this time would be to step aside, and really look at what in your life elicits the best reactions from you. What makes you happy? Excited? Warm and fuzzy? What makes your heart full? What do you look forward to? Who makes you feel safe and loved? Who do you want to take care of? What do you want to provide for yourself, for others, for the world? What kind of light do you want to shine, and how will you shine it? Your body reacts so positively, because they are part of your soul’s purpose. When you are living your truth, you are vibrating at your highest, happiest, most productive, inspiring level. You may already know a few things written into your soul contract- maybe you know you were meant to paint, to write, to sing, to care for others, to love, to bring people together, to educate, anything! You have a very specific feeling when you are doing the right thing, and you may already be aware of this. No matter how much or how little you know of your purpose, it never hurts to articulate.

Moving forward and allowing space for the new also involves clearing out the old; the sooner you can do this, the more open you will be to these changes coming! This means letting go of fear-based living, conditioning, negative thinking patterns, people, places, and things that are not helping us be our best selves. We cling onto many things, as the ego tells us we need them. The ego wants to be comfortable. The ego wants to live how it has always lived, even if it is hurting us in the long run. It is time to make light of these things so they may be released. Maybe certain words, actions, or topics make you deeply uncomfortable- angry, annoyed, anxious, jealous, sad… these are all low-vibrating reactions. When it happens, instead of reacting, you may need to step back and ask yourself; Why do I feel this way? Is it external or internal? Do I need to get rid of this “thing”, or get rid of my usual reaction to this “thing”? Being human is a very complex, delicate, beautiful, frustrating thing. Our past experiences affect us much farther into the future than we realize. Think of The Tower in tarot- is taking the leap really worse than staying in the burning building?

This 12/12 12:12 gateway is a very magical, productive time for setting intentions, reflecting, releasing, and reincarnating. It is also very important during this time to build your foundation of self love & care. Think of it as cleaning out an old closet- surely, there are some clothes in there from back in the day that you may find ugly, ridiculous, embarrassing… But you must take them out, look at them, and let them go. Maybe it hurts to remember when you wore that sweater- how self conscious you felt, how silly you must have looked, what people must have thought of you… This is a dangerous thinking pattern! When sorting through all these aspects of yourself, you WILL find things you do not like. The ego’s immediate reaction is to judge what makes it uncomfortable. It may tell you bad things, hurt your feelings, make you believe you are less worthy in some form… but this is why so many cultures focus on destroying the ego- it is what keeps a human in their suffering. You need to be proud of your ability to see yourself, in all of your human, natural, sometimes uncomfortable glory! You are so lucky to be able to look at yourself objectively. You are so loved, accepted, and appreciated by those around you, even with those things you see as “flaws”.

Take this time to reflect and be gentle with yourself. As the year comes to an end, focus on all of the great things you did, felt, saw, and experienced! No victory is too small to celebrate. Gratefulness is the key to abundance- you do not need it all if you already believe you have it all. Be grateful that you are taking such big steps towards your higher self, and putting in all of the work! It’s not an easy task- which is why so many people tend to live so comfortably, so unhappily. Wanting better for yourself is half of the battle ♥

If you need help reflecting and pushing through the end of this magical year, we carry plenty of tools to help- check out our tarot & oracle decks, our crystal selection, candles, and plenty of handcrafted spell kits by us here in Salem, MA. As general or as specific as you need. Happy Full Cold Moon!


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