Your September Tarot Forecast & Advice

September 2, 2019 11:49 am

Happy September! We are reaching peak Virgo season, and dealing with a multitude of retrogrades in the sky at the moment. Most of the “outer planets” as we refer to them in astrology, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, are currently retrograde. When the outer planets are orbiting backwards, we feel the affects on more of a societal level rather than personal, meaning we may be feeling shifts and noticing themes as a collective. You may notice people around you are experiencing the same thoughts, feelings, and coincidences. You may see things on the news that mirror things your own life. Outer planets are responsible for entire generational differences, movements, and revolutions- these are big picture planets!

One method of clearing the air & gaining a bit of clarity into these confusing times (besides maybe some sage, for starters!) is tarot; It can be considered a tool of self reflection, posing questions & advice to the readers that they may not have thought of on their own. While we could go into the entire astrology of September, and try to interpret it’s affects on a societal level, it may be better to start at the base- The self! Whether you believe in tarot as a divination tool, mystical and all knowing, or as an interesting little hobby, or somewhere inbetween- we can all benefit from taking a moment to see through the eyes of the tarot. It can also be especially helpful in times of cosmic disarray, due to it’s strong link to astrology and numerology. Each card has associations with different elements, planets, and zodiac signs.

For example, Virgo is typically tied historically to The Hermit card- representing awakening, shedding, self-reflection, isolation, and consideration of the self. The Hermit is the quest for knowledge, both inner and outer. We can use him as the significator in this reading, meaning he will be the card that represents the questioner. Today, he represents our collective consciousness, navigating the way through September, start to finish.

Here is our spread, and the meanings as follows:


We are in a period of shedding, renewing, and editing. Throughout September, you may find dramatic yet quiet changes happening; Ones you’ve prepared yourself for. You may find yourself taking a sort of break from everything- whether physical or mental. One of my favorite quotes about the hermit- “He withdrew from society; But not from humanity.” This period of isolation, reflection, and rebirth is not sad, nor is it lonely… it’s necessary! Think of the way a caterpillar hides away in it’s cocoon, growing & changing, away from the world. It hasn’t abandoned everything, it has just taken the space & time necessary for itself in order to thrive later on.


The ace of wands in this position indicates excitement! Wands are fire, passion, creativity, ambition, and spontaneity. Whether you are in a relationship, looking for one, or taking time for yourself; September will be a fun month! For those in relationships, you may find a new spark igniting, perhaps entering new levels of the relationship or finding new adventures together. For those looking, this can indicate an exciting new interest- whether it’s a fling, the real deal, or a passing fancy… someone is going to spark your interest… or you might spark somebody elses! You may feel more flirty, talkative, and attractive; take advantage of it! If you’re not really interested in anything at the moment as far as romance goes, you may find yourself more confident- the strong fire element in this card also relates to vanity. Even if you aren’t interested in other people right now… all eyes will be on you. Consider this a period of intense self love & heal with it!


This card indicates unity, companionship, and shared feelings. It is typically related to romantic relationships, but it symbolizes a love so pure that it can also be referencing your closest friends & family! For couples this means shared goals and priorities; perhaps joined finances, shared budgets, and shared views on money. It can also indicate gift giving, and support of others through financial aid- however, the main theme here is SHARED feelings- you will find someone close to you who not only views money the same way you do, but may have the same long-term goals & investments. Money, no matter how you feel about it, is a very important thing in our world today- it represents security. It’s good to find somebody who shares your feelings about it, especially when creating a stable foundation together.


The magician symbolizes wholeness, unity, and self empowerment. On the card itself, we can see this magician combining all of the different elements- he is sometimes referred to as an alchemist in this sense. In relation to our health, we can see this as the unity of physical and mental health. This month, more than usual, we will see how our brain affects our body, and vice-versa. We are asked to work from the inside, to heal ourselves outside, and then back inwards again. We may find that we have much more control over some aspects of our health than we realize. Do you feel happier, sharper, or lighter when you eat certain things? Sleep certain ways? Spend time in certain places, with certain people? Your physical body contains all things mental- You must treat it with consideration & give it what feels best. Do you find yourself more tired, irritable, unmotivated, when you stress about certain things? Overthink certain areas? Likewise, the mental will affect the physical, and you can see how they feed off one another.


You are being asked to run on logic in your career rather than feelings, this month. It may at times feel a bit chaotic, especially with this month’s cosmic energies- retrogrades, trines, the watery, emotional pisces full moon smackdab in the middle of the month, perfectionist virgo at her strongest season… long story short, your footing may be a bit shaky this month, but you must continue walking on. Your career is an instance where you may find it especially useful to try and turn off the emotional faucet a little bit more, and see the big picture with a more logical set of eyes. The swords are a very no-nonsense suite & virgo is here to help you get the job done!


The page of cups is a dreamer- he is sensitive, observant, excitable, but most of all, persistent. He so stubbornly believes in his dream, he may not even see it as a dream- but a vision. He can bring it to life, and feed it in a variety of ways. He will stop at nothing to achieve what he wants, and in his constant state of optimism and open receptivity, he finds inspiration in the most surprising of places. We are asked to be a little bit more like him this month- remaining open-minded and forward facing. He reminds us we don’t always need tools, skills, or even luck- we just need to believe in ourselves.

Overall, September is shaping up to be a very productive, scattered, intimate, beautiful, exciting month! Any readings with a major arcana card (The Magician in this case) indicate a breakthrough, or an important shift in the person. This shift is going to occur when you understand the toll your mental takes on your physical. Vice versa, your physical will affect the mental! You are one whole, entire person, and these entities are not separate- in fact, far from it. Two aces are worth noting in a reading as well- these indicate rapid growth & multiple areas of change. The ace of wands is fire, while ace of swords is air- and fire needs air to burn! Consider this month feeding the fire, in all areas of your life. It is your responsibility to keep the fire burning; This includes making sure the flame doesn’t die out OR grow out of control! 🔥

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