Black Cat Ritual Oil

A lightly scented, ritual oil made from a traditional recipe! It features bay laurel, cinnamon, chili pepper, vanilla absolute and other ritual herbs and oils to draw luck and break minor hexes. It is a lucky oil for witches, and can be worn as a perfume to protect and bring luck on a daily basis. Use a dropper full in the bath to increase effects.

in witchcraft, the black cat is not a symbol of bad luck but good, especially in the gambling or sporting world.

anoint a petition paper for money and keep in your wallet, put on lottery tickets, tip jars, your cash register at you business or anything that has to do with money or gambling.

ritual oils can be used to anoint candles, sigils, petition papers, crystals, mojo bags, poppets, and other ritual objects.

ingredients: apricot kernel oil, essential oil blend, black cat hair, herbs, spices.

*the master bottle for this product contains hair from a black cat, so it is not considered vegan (although kitty is fine, it was obtained via regular brushing)