Witch’s Brew Votive

Witch’s brew votive candle burns for 10 hours.

dragon’s blood is a blood red candle with dragon’s blood fragrance. Sweet smokey resin to power up your magic. Dragon’s blood, a resin from China the East Indies and South America, comes from some of the earth’s oldest trees. This resin helps one define and empower spells. Blessing: by air fire water and earth, i craft this spell on heart and hearth, i call forth this vitality and force, my dragon awakens and finds its course. My spell complete and my magic fair, my words strong this witch’s prayer.

evil eye is a brilliant blue candle with a juniper and rose scent. A penetrating blend for spiritual protection. Juniper rose and vetivert penetrate the senses to create a ward of protection for you and yours. Blessing: i weave this spell, through sight sound touch and smell. Through earth water, air and fire, a web of protection this magic will sire.

witch’s brew original is a witch’s black candle with the perfect magical resin essential blend. Rare resins, herbs and dragons blood. This candle is great for meditation charging up your spells protecting you during psychic work and making your place smell just great! Frankincense myrrh and mugwort strengthen the spirit and enlighten the soul to energize and empower any witch’s spell craft. Blessing: by water, earth, fire and air, this spell be strong my intention fair. By the lady and the lord, in sacred space my magic is poured. Brew, brew my power grow, on a witch’s prayer my power flow.

witch’s purse is a prosperous green candle with sweet rich essential blend. 2.5 x 6.5 pillar burns for 80 hours. Fill your pockets with the blessing of many riches. Bergamot and date invite in the sweetness of life as they release the tensions that block the manifestation of prosperity and clear the fears that can destroy abundance. Blessing: by earth, by air, by water, by fire; wealth of coin, in magic i now sire. The fears, the blocks and other unknowns are cleared by the maiden, mother and crone. By horn and hoof the lord will bless, fill my pockets with riches free of stress.


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