Space Clearing Kit

Wicked blessed space clearing kit created and blessed at coon’s

space clearing kit includes:

burn sage to cleanse your aura and space, hold the quartz crystal to assist in clearning, aligning and charging you and your space, white ‘purity’ candle for cleansing, purification and protection and a box of wicked blessed matches.

space clearing is a form of energetic clearing that harmonizes and balances the flow of energy in spaces at very deep levels. It is like clearing energetic “cobwebs” that create stress in our homes, workplaces, and lives. A clear space allows us to connect more fully and experience our most spacious selves. Space clearing can help you open to new possibilities, promote healing, health, and well being!

disclaimer: Moon’s is in no way resposible for any outcomes or experiences as a result of using any and all contents of spirit pouches. Always be responsible when lighting and using products and never leave sage and candles burning unattended.