Full Moon February 9 – Building Your Best Self

February 1, 2020 4:56 pm

Sunday, February 9th, we have a chilly “Full Snow Moon” in the sign of Leo coming our way-what do all these names mean? The Full Snow Moon is historically the name given to this moon, as it rises smack-dab in the middle of winter. Whether you’ve got snow this week or not, this is traditionally a time of rest, restoration, and survival at it’s most primal state. You may naturally be feeling more tired, sluggish, tense, or restless in this period- winter as you know, is a period of hibernation for most animals, and we as humans are not all that different! It is sometimes referred to as the Hunger Moon alternatively, as it was nearly impossible to hunt for food or harvest this time of year; There is sometimes a scarcity or “lack” mindset in the background of our feelings, as our ancestors dreaded this time for many years before we became more adaptable in our survival.

This moon being in Leo gives it some pretty powerful qualities- ruled by the sun, Leo is a power sign of identity, charisma, character, warmth, and attention! This sign also carries shadow qualities of narcissism, selfishness, and shallowness. With positive intentions and mindfulness, we can fully embrace the positive, more developed, higher vibrational qualities of this sign. We may feel a shift after that last Cancer full moon in January- focused on emotions, home, and comfort. Combined with eclipse season, it may have brought some pretty heavy stuff to the table. Plenty of suppressed emotions floating to the surface and making themselves visible; Eclipses are huge emotional purges for us astrologically. Pat yourself on the back for working through it, because we have an exciting, lighthearted moon coming next!

This next full moon is the perfect time to set some very ambitious goals- Leo is one of the biggest go-getters of the zodiac. This is the perfect time to act from the heart, and ask yourself, who do I want to be? How does my best self act? How do they look, sound, and present themselves? In bodily astrology, Leo rules the heart. This is a time to quiet the head, and and listen to your heart! When setting intentions, try to push the logic back- what goals would you set if you didn’t have logic in the way? What if no goal were too big, too daunting, or too unrealistic? Leo is fearless, especially in it’s pursuits. We suggest taking this time to really sort out who it is exactly you’d like to be, inside and out.

We’ve created a full moon ritual to help you with this!

Our ritual this month consists of a few key components; We have your basic white sage, though any sage or palo santo will do! We carry blue sage & herbal blends, as well as blessed sage sprays if you prefer that over burning. People will typically burn their sage in an abalone shell, cauldron, or any firesafe dish- however this month, it felt right to use one of our mini copper offering bowls; It felt very Leo in it’s warmth and showiness! Take time to cleanse, purify, and bless your space. While doing so, envision your ideal self, get your mind working!

We’ve used our heart power votive candle, as Leo rules the heart; Each power votive includes an affirmation to think to yourself or read out-loud when you light it. This month’s affirmation is “I fill my heart with the love of the universe, healing all past hurts.” This also ties into us navigating our way through eclipse season right now; Past issues, emotions, and triggers may be popping up for you, more rapidly than usual. As hard as it can be, the universe is telling you it’s time to acknowledge these things, so you can release them, making room for the new love & opportunities coming your way. We like to use incense, not only to make your whole house smell amazing, but also as an added touch of magic! Different scents have different properties… This blend, “Spiritual Healing” includes different herbs blended with sandalwood to enhance your healing in this period of time. Take time to reflect on what has been holding you back, causing you anxiety, keeping you from your higher self… Do not shoo away these thoughts and feelings. See them, say hello to them, feel them, then say goodbye to them. Thank them for their lessons, and then release them.

For crystals, we are of course using sunstone- because of it’s natural associations with the sun, as the sun rules Leo, but also it’s properties of abundance, warmth, and strength. Alongside that, we have honey calcite, which is associated with self esteem and overcoming obstacles. We always have clear quartz on hand as well thanks to it’s protection qualities, and it’s programmability, meaning it amplifies the intentions of the stones around it. You can hold these while you think, as well as arrange them in any order that feels right to you.

Clarity is the most important thing when asking for something. The clearer your vision is, the more you can envision, work towards, and achieve an exact goal. What would you do if you had all the time in world? Where do you see yourself? What kind of town? What kind of home? What do you like to wear? What do you do for work? How is this ideal life really laid out? You don’t need to work out every detail- but the more specific you can be in your intentions, the more clearly the universe will hear you! If you find this daunting, start with some more general ones, for example;

-I want to be confident in my abilities and my appearance.
-I want to be comfortable with public speaking.
-I want to start writing a best-selling novel.
-I want to wake up earlier and establish a routine.
-I want to build my dream home.

From there, you may break down these general intentions into smaller, more specific ones:
“I want to start writing a best-selling novel” may become “I want to finish the first chapter of my novel this month.” It makes your wildest dreams much less intimidating, and much more attainable! After thinking of a few, write them on a piece of paper. Our full moon ritual kit includes everything you need for a general moon ritual, including a parchment scroll.

After writing your intentions, you may choose to keep the paper, burn it, bury it, hide it, tear it up… there is no wrong way to send your intentions to the universe! Whatever feels natural to you. You may choose to keep your candle burning until it runs out, or you may extinguish it and come back to light it when you feel you want to meditate on your intentions again. I personally let my candle run out for the rest of the evening, then keep the wax, crystals, ashes, and intentions preserved in a jar to come back to when I need to remind myself of my intentions. Some people will keep the set up on their altar for 7 days, or even until the next moon cycle. The fun of witchcraft is finding out what works and feels best for YOU!

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you do after a ritual; You may inspire new ideas in someone else, find new information to add to your routine, or even make a new friend! Remember to sign up as a member of our blog as well to receive a 10% off promo code at checkout on our website. We are not only an informational resource, but a supplier of all things metaphysical! Shop tarot, oracle, candles, herbs, oils, crystals, and more on our website.

Happy February!

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